Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas fun! (and a wrap on 2012)

  The last day of 2012 is tomorrow and some mighty amazing things have happened this year for us (first anniversary, toilet training achievement and birth of daughter to name a few). There have been ups and downs and a strong man by my side to keep me level headed and put my worries to rest (I in no way mean that you NEED a man to be any of those things. I am just lucky to have the one I do).

  When I started this blog, I had no idea what would happen or how it would pan out half a year later. It's been a great platform to put photos away from Facebook, and a photographic memoir of my daughter's first year. I have big plans for summer 2013, that is next summer, not this one, which are still super-secret (even from the other half) that I hope will help me help other people; something I am quite passionate about.

  It's been seen here that I am an incredibly lazy person and I want that to change in 2013 but I think I'll need a shove for that to go down. I think I'll take each day as it comes and perhaps not look too much at the greater picture. I think that may be the problem I have.

  Right, enough about me and my resolutions and on to Christmas!

  As you may or may not know this week just gone we had Christmas! It was a sweltering hot which was a somewhat unpleasant edge on the day, but it was a good day nonetheless. I think the children enjoyed the day and they're still playing with each one of their gifts nearly a week later so that must account for something.

  Onwards with the long photo list of doom Christmas.
The girl all ready for the day. She spent maybe an hour in that
dress before it got way too hot. At least I got this photo, eh?

Blurry lights! Like the ones you'd see in a movie. So I guess this
doesn't have the same effect being a static image.

The tree as seen from our hall. It's actually quite large and our
lounge isn't big enough to give a total view. So instead you
get a partial view of our lounge in which there happens to be
a bit of Christmas tree in it.

The boy opening his first present of the day. He doesn't have
strong reactions to gifts (he's a lot like me in that respect. Hard
to get a gauge on if I like something based on my initial reaction),
but he normally likes whatever he's given.

Still opening (also, it's a chair, by the way). A red chair.

The haul minus my stuff. I don't think that's everything, there
is probably other stuff floating around. They're very spoilt.

The boy in his Batman suit. He wore this all day. In 33 degree
heat. Crazy. He also slept in it, and wanted to wear it the next
day. Another hilarious note - When he puts it on he gets all
in that Batman zone and becomes a whole Batman persona.
It is so cute and hilarious.

Proof of how beautiful the weather was. No rain here.

I told him his Batman suit needed to dry (he got water gun water all
over it) so he is now running around without clothing. Nothing at all.
Common practice for young children. Trust me.

Still waiting for his suit to dry, and it was getting cold so fully
dressed and still running around.

  It was a magical day. Nothing quite like seeing your kid really love something you give them (even if it isn't a mind-blowing reaction upon opening).

  And on that note, have a safe and happy New Year. Make 2013 your year! Cha!

Saturday, 29 December 2012


  I think I may (or may not have) mentioned it before but I am an Instagram user and I have had my Instagrams printed onto magnets by a lovely company called Stickygram.

These are they. Looking all magnet-like,

  Stickygram is about to run a promotion in January whereby you do a photo a day on Instagram, similar to the one I did in November. Apparently, they'll give out the day's theme on their blog and, if you stick at it for the full 31 days, you get an extra special treat of goodness (yet to be revealed).

  As far as I'm aware, Instagram is available on both iPhone and Android so I encourage everyone with a smart phone to get on it! Also, try out Stickygram if you already have Instagram and some photos you'd like to immortalise in fridge-magnet goodness.

  Apologies for going cold over Christmas. Ironic, seeing as it was bloody hot. 33 degrees Celsius, that's 91ish for you Americans. And if we keep in mind that temperatures don't normally transgress much further than 25 (77 F) where we are you can see how I felt like I was melting. Into primordial ooze. Or something. It was hot and I wasn't thinking straight, okay? Amusing too that I'd like to one day maybe move to LA and it gets way hotter than that, I think. Or at least that's what I've been led to believe. Where was I going with this?

  Right, sorry, I'll be posting photos tomorrow, probably Christmas related, so keep your eyes peeled for that. And if you want to check out Stickygram's blog and website and have an aversion to clicking on the link up there, here be he

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas - Just a week away.

  This time next week we will be content (or not) with full bellies and full hearts, awaiting the start of a new year. Of course, as this is the lead up to Christmas, I inexplicably feel the need to keep buying stuff for everyone whether I've finished my Christmas shopping or not.

  This year I've finished my Christmas shopping and had done a few days ago, but I still feel like my family will love me more if I buy them a million gifts. For instance, right now I can think of a few last minute extras I can add to their haul even though I know they don't need it and they still have presents from OTHER PEOPLE as well. I don't even know how many gifts other people will give them.

  What's worse is that this year we can kind of afford for me to keep adding. "Great" I hear you say? No, not great. My kids won't remember who gave them what. I will, but I'm a freak and remember who gave every gift I've received (I'm not even kidding), but the people whose duty it is to remember won't. There's not really much point but I just can't help myself. It's a freaking compulsion!

  It shames me to say it, but I am planning on doing yet more Christmas shopping but it'll only be one day of it, with any luck. My excuse is that the husband has not finished his so I'll be "helping" buying stuff for people he isn't buying for. And this time next year, I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar (which isn't much so don't go hoping) that I'll be doing EXACTLY the same thing. Oh, me, you make no sense.

  To reiterate the crazy and Christmas feeling, give this a listen (Warning: Contains electronic sounds. If you are adverse to electronic music, you should probably give it a miss and look at the pretty picture instead).

The video for the non-electronic music impaired

Pretty picture alternative

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ah, the normality (photos)

  Alright, I suck at doing what I say I do (if you haven't noticed up until this point) so I'll just keep to my mostly Sunday post thing as I'm onto a good thing with that. I think I may have a bit more time next summer to have more frequent updates and get that ball rolling but, let's not count on that.

  Anyway, I think I may have mentioned that last last week we went to Wellington. We visited Te Papa Museum which currently have the trolls of The Hobbit hanging out. I totally recommend seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, by the way. Especially if you can see it in HFR 3D. Absolutely stellar! We also went for a general shop around, to the beach, and for a walk to the Civic centre.

  Without further ado, here they are.

 In a whale heart. No, not a real one. That would just be gross. This plastic heart looks much more appealing.

The trolls, Bill, Bert and Tom. They have commandeered part of Batman's cape. He's gonna be pissed.

The sacrificing of the baby while a little boy looks on...or crazy. Same thing. 

The Wellington Harbour. Lots of fun.

The boy demonstrating his knowledge of Titanic.

The Civic Centre. It was very clearly a nice day. The husband also spent some time teaching the boy to shrug. It was a less that successful venture.
Pigeons are all over Wellington. Fun Fact: When I worked there, I actually had to occasionally chase out pigeons. Great fun.

The beach at Oriental Parade and Fisherman's table - where we had dinner 

  Welp, that's how we spend the husband's days off. Just making some memories.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Last of the Summer Wine - I mean, Photo a dayness

  This is the last of the photo-a-day for November. Will have Wellington photos up tomorrow, maybe. Yay!

  It's been a long time coming as I have a couple of assignments due next week and an unsettled baby. Ugh! With bitey gnawing teeth. Not cutey cutey.

This will cover November the 26th - 30th

In The Cupboard - We have a gap under our towel cupboard
that the boy like to hide and play in. He'd sleep in there if we
let him, but he's not Harry Potter. Nor an orphan.

Tree - Well, technically it's more than one tree. Bah! Technicality.

Vehicle - Or at least it's a mode of transport for our children.
They love horsey rides!

Big - Something little made big! Without a macro lens! Yay!
Lots of exclamation marks!

On The Wall - There is water on that there wall. And a boy
being a cutie in front of it. A perfect way to end a month.
Here endeth the photo a day thing. It was fun. Will I do this month? Maybe.